01 September 2005

logic & tonic

grey box of lifelessness
good mixing script with muse
incorporated ruth
recognize nuts and their shells
workholes in the continuum
cowflaps in the trebuchet
empty qty: 50
boot up numb num lock
missed jar by 10
a double logic and tonic
perks up a drifting brain
keep those alignments in line
tonight or tomorrow time
rained all night into today
phat gulf of mexico hurricane air
blows wet inside open windows
blues before breakfast
workboots at the ready
fair tent building go i
platelet count down by 100
meds stay at 2000mg per day
get a thursday night pass
and interest in minglewood friday
paradiso with unwanted line
em dashs amongst the cherry blossoms
petals and all rain-battered flowers
down on the flagstone footpath
stalks bent into rooted radii
must get violets from argyle
if the falling wetness lets up
at least three apartments emptied
for uni year new student tenants
town fills with new party animals
can't give away stones
too many too soon
just how many normans are left
does it or anything matter
gods speed your goodbye port payé
another cheque and measure day
paying the man to keep me
in space funked and green
with growing breathing plants
to balance the paperwork

T: "End the Joke / Die for your Art"
loc: fredkatrinafringe
temp: 21, 94% humidity
sound: Garrett Mason I'm Just A Man


Kellie said...

Down is a bit better, isn't it?

Broken Joe said...

down is good. down more would be better