23 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 52

because coffee is doing something yellow
on the whodunit? artworks—spill magic

because with super-8 projector on back
chris is to bike uphill to unb arts centre

because humidity has me stuck to myself
because i forgot my sunglasses at home

because it was raining but i need them now
because tommy's flooring had an empty tube

—cushion floor—that (reprise) will roll upon
because there's been a change of plans

because maria has come here with her coffee—
out of the gallery office to see movie-so-far

because the finish line is in sight
because i'm sitting listening to heavy meadows

because humidity is curling book covers
because this has been a good collaboration

because residency paycheck coming soon
because there's an airplane overhead unseen

because this it boys and girls—the end
because i'm all out of words—tank dry


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