17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 25

because the house is rockin' and harvest doesn't
know why or who we are or what we are doing here

because doug does a little balloon percussion
rounding out the sound the song so jammed free

because it's just too beautiful for words—ready
johns without nightlights get freshened for day

because earlier i biked a film to stuporstore
just now ran to farmers' market and back for java

and schnitzel—too long a samosa delight queue
because jazz 'n' blues is a different diet

than bread 'n molasses portaged river to river
because ophelia's phat tears are warming

because a holocaust survivor lives in fredericton
because smoke in the mirror is at unb art centre

because yellow-jacketed security is baffled
doing their rounds gate to gate & stagedoor

because i hear my little feat pics a comin'
because tropical rain is right rain for blues

because somewhere somehow whitefeather lost
her wallet last night—she believes lifted


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