10 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 1

because i'm back in the casemate of public art
because there are always more stories to tell

because the dragon boats are no longer at rest
because it's a cool september morning saturday

because i said i would write new poems here
because caine left his painting easels

because liz left a $10.20 bag of carded wool
because my name is "jo" on the sign out front

because i have a tech pen and steady eye-hand
because the knight of cups is often well-travelled

because this is on paper purchased in beograd
because this is in my travelling manual typewriter

because a bus tour of ontario seniors is here
because one of the men left & returned through pier 21

because his wife immigrated through pier 21
because they were married in scotland

because my mother immigrated through pier 21
because she was a child with her parents

because the knight of cups is often poetic enthusiastic
because i can be a good friend bringing opportunities


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