17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 28

because this is a heavy load i'm building
because buddy guy's signature guitar is

displayed in the window of tony's music
because this is the heaviest rain imaginable

because it's dropped to a cool 14 c and 94
per cent humidity—"light rain" says weather

network—do we want to see their "heavy"?
because chris was shooting super-8 of me

writing on the manual with kids hovering close
and he's to develop and edit the film this week

because a lad with the local rogers cable station
wants to interview chris and me monday morning

for his television show—how could we say no?
because this case of art is not like any other

because natasha wrote "fun fun fun!" in guest book
because "if this rain keeps on falling . . ."

because i wanna play 88 black & white ivorys
with these rockin' blues—trillin' the keys

because i heard a "giv'er" yell from the tantramar
and feel tweeter horns spin from hammond b3 organ


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