23 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 49

because threatening is not a form of frienship
because security nightlights might cause acne

because this might be the last residency
that i can handle doing in this small town

because i am not willing to be a boytoy playtoy
because skull without jawbone is speed metal

because i've no desire to become a headcase
because this is at least a 2-d sculpture

because ocad wants mystery art sale donations
because they sent 14 cm x 19cm acid-free cards

because whodunit? is only bard part of the mystery
because whogotit is what we artists don't know

because this is the fourth-last poem
because i can ask "please return any of my work

that is unsold" or let them keep for another year
because rainclouds make for good film screening

because i'm going to write then blog then retype
because something else will happen afterwards

because it's dank dark in this oubliette
because "illusionment" was the wrong first word


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