20 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 38

because i want the computer to take no action
because this is so not my space

because shovel scraping on brick is grating
because the not opened milk in my fridge

had a best before date of 07 aug—long passed
because anyway it's observed this space is not

a casemate or casement—so many confused
because a casement is a vertically hinged metal

or wood frame with glass forming part of a window
bacause a casemate is a chamber in a thickness

of wall [that part is congruent] of a fortress
[not] with embrasures—bevelled walls at sides

of door or opening—splaying—opening in parapet
widening within for gun/cannon arc of fire [not]

because this was simply the munitions storeroom—
i've stated this before (have been in several

forts fortresses castles walled towns)—repository
for cannon and musket balls barrels of gunpowder

because this british army compound was walled
with wood plank to keep soldiers out of the town


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