18 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 30

because i was spotted typing by mark jarman
evention tent roving security drawn by sound

words being birthed on clean paper—black marks
on my record in my secret file—and i'm going back

because futureman has arrived on the stage checked
because it's time to get wet really wet and have fun

because the tents are generating fog tonight
there's smoke machines or it's too cold air on yellow

because it time to move on: no beer left
yet the deconstruction project continues live

but will he ever really know where is fredericton?
futureman area 51 + the street maestro signing off

because it's tomorrow again in one of these poems
yet we are still working to finish yesterday

because i'm working in the casemate about to slip
because i left early this morning and am back

before noon and i've got the morning after blues
am not a working at the woolco manager trainee

because i closed the tap with the time beings
because i'm causing the pounding in my head


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