21 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 43

because there's almost two hours left today
and i can't do here some of the things i must

because there's a used diaper in wilmot alley
because dolan's has cut 3000 sq feet of pool

because i broke and bought afternoon coffee
because it's hump dayand i'm coming 'round

the bend into the homestretch for a friday finish
because i'm not (yet) a homeless person or street poet

because i'm not loitering—i am art intended
because there are no streets or buildings named

after me but there are actions and expressions
—an expanding universe of new words and poems

because writing grant applications in public
is a scarier performance than writing poetry—

more out there—formalized begging with intent
to stay make not go away (not for junk or aqua velva)

because trucks are already chewing up new sod
because in order to progress you need commitment

self-discipline and an endless heap of respect
because constant growth is a philosophy of cancer


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