14 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 15

because i forgot my journal in the casemate
because i went back after a corn-on-the-cob

pei mussels and a keiths ipa and there it was tucked
under the just-received edge seasons by beth powning

because i must continue writing even as the kick-off
draws near and a chsr media pass is 'round my neck

because i've not written enough—barely 40 lines
two sections today and that's not the pace set

because dj violet i is playing a half hour of harvest
jazz & blues on tonight's radio reggae program

because i'm in a sweat from the humming humidity
the book contract and design work encroaching

my art oasis and i'm not even halfway through
the residency and how/when will i do that work?

because next week's chris giles dropped by today
and he's talking of bringing his guitar & amp

and giving some live bowed guitar during days
before jam jazz nights in this here evention tent

because he also plans to work on one of his
short-film projects—shooting? i don't know


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