19 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 35

because there's a live earwig in this poem
inside the typewriter and its body must hurt

from the pounding keys'sound inside the metal
enclosure that contains my canadian alphabet

because i found a short drumstick in the grass
because it's daniel's prepared guitar cd

that i want to find for chris to give a listen
because i wonder about food and its functions

because again i'm getting too quiet too lone
too in myself in this too empty

because i see a hand holding something stirring
something in containers inside a window

second floor craft college—might be stovetop
textile dyeing—wool rovings silk or something

because twice today I forgot the steno memory
because harvest jazz & blues covers my journal

because i need to end my public studio day
because qwerty works be to the bone—finger

tips tender buttons from the effort to impress
because great big sea sings "run run away"


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