15 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 18

because the mic up-close is a chain-link world
because audio performance includes the typewriter

more than the silent pad lapdog building its
words for the wifi world—watchers in ottawa

sackville and who know's wherelse unless they tell
because i'm to get a large black chewy coffee

at second cup on my return to the manual land
because i remembered and even brought myself

day's third cup of joe—may or may not drink all
but some might keep me online for little feat

because ted's trying to catch some of last night
on my livingroon floor—drive-by music comes

in open window but the upstairs mix gone silent
because ruth & mike will be at the carriage house

anytime now—here for the feat and minglewood
because the horrible forescents must be on

to cut gloomy thursday for our dome of light
because a musician's shuttle van unloads

two 12s of keiths before soundcheck starts
—someone's special rider come to roost


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