13 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 10

because laura is a new student at the craft college
because she doesn't want to do commercial fashion

because sketches of spain is a calm end of day
because pigeons have replaced people outside

on park benches and they are feeding off us
because lockdown has occured in the casemates

because corey mush finish the pope scope tonight
because multi-stage is proudly made in the usa

because it's time folks time to go home to eat to go
pickup photos at stuporstore to bike and rest

because tuesday is cracked egg day at victory
because jazz & blues musicians are walking sidewalks

to the harvest office for their daze in fredericton
because i'd completely forgotten that other significance

of monday past until i woke 11 minutes into night news
memorials in washington & ottawa for felled tower

victims—will katrina's victims receive similiar?
because toilets have moved too close to here

just out of sight beside the barracks building
because canada is cool (literally) à lire au délire!


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