11 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 4

because la vie peut vous tuer rings true
because i'm still learning to speak fluent geek

because everywhere i bike this morning i see
red spots where black won't stand against

the bark of trees that don't read
don't understand they've been handed

the black spot of death by this city's slow men
working in trees crew—noble daughter

of the forest—and they won't live to see
another spring much as they can make a lovely

open book can be read same as a bone
marrow sample extracted from their column

because i heard the drums yesterday but never
saw the dragon boats move over river waters

and today the dragons east are gone somewhere
because on the parking lot of the filled-in

1 york street dock a harvest blues tent rises
i can hear iron pins being hammered through asphalt

"lift . . . put your hands in the air . . . raise the roof
i wanna see you clapping your hands right now!"


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