15 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 19

because poetry against a backdrop of a thousand
harleys has been replaced by jackhammers and jazz

pre-soundcheck sound system warn-up with pinkl floyd
"another brick in the wall" pounding this space

so loud all i hear of the typewriter is thin tinny
bashed by psycho-teacher tight to craft college

drowning out anyone's attempt to talk outloud
because i'm chatting through fingers & thumbs

because i'm listening to convo with my eyes
while my ears are overwelmed beyond sound

into body resonator liquid stone surround
because i can't hear rain i see falling

because this rock & brick drum has a free-floating
skin—mine—stretched around bones & water

because seaforth-grown eco-spuds and raisin bread
and who-knows-what-else has been delivered

ruth & mike finishing beer & black ice then heading
this way then we're off to rye's deli food & beer

because amber is evention tent stage manager tonight
interview her for chsr too—program full circle


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