21 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 41

because chris will open the casemate tomorrow
because i will arrive and perform later

because baboon was a word found in the road
because i'm number crunching for grant applications

i'm not performing poet well this afternoon
because the whole casemate became projection

because somehow i still clean up well
becacuse i was at the mayor' business breakfast

because chris harding replace caine harris
as exhibiting artist du jour in council chamber

because donnalee—author of the 1980 "an incredible
journey" article for cross-canada writers' quarterly

was there with a halifax global crew that my sister
ruth is working with on projects in her new capacity

because this might be the only poem i write today
because that crowd will tell you "keep away . . ."

because george strunz recorded the first local show
because jd fortune from new glasgow nova scotia is

new rock star lead singer for the band inxs
because a bass guitar player has moved upstairs


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