17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 24

because i'm the eveready poet typing-writing
because clair is awake and has arrived

because yesterday she and will forrestall
and corey brown all played "audible artists"

because it's early morning gear load out—load in
because i'm so not a little red rooster

because this coming week's case of art includes
super-8 movie editing & shooting and 16mm film

screening and bowed electric guitar with amp
discard films from ns dept of education: turn

of the century
magic invention documentation
because chris found a sponsor pass ensnarled

springs of silver purple red mardi gras beads
because stone walls make blues guitar surround

because we're a live duo on typewriter & guitar
—yeah man i can play an instrument or two

not proper but what's proper? what's im-?
because it doesn't matter anyway—we play

because this is our case far longer than it's
harvest j&b festival backstage and we are so on


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