16 September 2005

slow wander

tonight i am quiet and wandering. i heard some of danielys hernandez @ the tannery stage [where i talked w/ al & leslie & heather briefly], the very interesting and kid-friendly luluk purwanto & the helsdinger trio in the funked artist-built tulip bus on king street [and talked with jim blewett—soon to travel to new zealand (original home of his woman), whitefeather, chris giles, tim issacs, mark adams, liz and the littles, mary anne and others—great dancing kids. dropped into rye's to give tab a wanted and much appreciated update on nat's whereabouts—evention tent volunteer [17 species of penguins, only seven live in antarctica, only two live there yearound]. i hear cesar morales y sabor latino in the market on a better stage with better sound that when i usually catch them at noche latina nights in wilmot united church gymnasium [but there's an unpleasant sour-mop smell]. minimum wage outside carleton place covering pink floyd from the wall. ted is in the hoodoo tent lovin' dawn tyler watson & paul deslauriers on acoustic blues guitar and strong vocals (but a very listenable show, not drowning/deafening sound)—while i was there she did some excellent vocal trombone. ruth & mike are in the mojo tent for the minglewood fiesta—jeff healey, sam moon, john campbelljohn, garrett mason, michael picket. j.p. leblanc plays a good solid electric rock blues. am pretty certain that i want to drop into the bug life tent for some david wilcox. haven't recorded anything yet this evening. part of me doesn't want to. part of me knows that i should . . .

shirt: chsr
loc: faa casemate [backstage, dry side]
temp: 19 c
sound: j.p. leblanc live on evention tent stage, first time performing "you can't always get what you want" since seeing the rolling stones perform on 3 septembre in moncton.

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