14 September 2005


Yeah, i know. The media pass clearly states "This pass does not entitle the bearer access to backstage areas, stage doors, or service doors" but there was I following Matte Robinson and Kora past the stage manager. We hovered 'round a long-8 table. I pulled the marantz from my shoulder bag and set up. We did two raw station IDs plus a circling interview while the BoB Walsh soundcheck was happening onstage and while the STU Jazz Ensemble was breaking down, hauling gear out behind us. They were refreshing after the performance (encore prompted by Mayor Bradside as emcee), drinking Bug Lite (which I participated in). [Note: i can't see a thing on this screen: white type on a white ground. Hope it posts visible and not to typo-heavy.] Liz und ze littles haf left the tent. Haggis was too freaked by the crowd. Loved the music but not the space between songs. Not the people. Kora tried to help with some of her pre-stage jitter exercises but it may have been too late. But there I was. What happens once can happen again. Tomorrow's another day. Me and my coming-rain freaked knee have to leave here and go home. Get some sleep. Get up and write more public performance poetry.

T: still Alan's "whale"
loc: bug life tent
temp: cooler than 20 C
sound: "Summertime" (Irving Berlin from Porgy & Bess) preformed life by the Bob Walsh band

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