21 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 42

because this poem might hold the question
because the new brunswick choral federation used

to have their office in the barracks building
because everyone can carve with a dremmel

because my portrait in the attic tells another story
because danube river and beograd are on my horizon

because the form of one application might be done
because there's two or three more to write

because they make me feel neurotioc or paranoid
—too much justified navel gazing introspection

because the boy may slide another poem through
because liz preps her kitchen to make pottery

with a couple because lee's pot occupies the studio
because kel preps for mighty moncton business meeting

because i want to be light years away from fred
because i continue moving from serbia to altaltac

because jarman needs a new bicycle chain
because i don't have the right software

because there's 20 wars happening right now
because i moved everything and left nothing


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