18 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 32

because the ready-vac made toilets for all
occasions are leaving this scene of the times

because "rock-a-hula baby" drowns out the wreckers
because this scene is so far from tourist-friendly

because i might be making a poem blanket or quilt
wall of paper sheets pinned and stapled together

because (again) i'm subject not observer-performer
artist's subject—not model—before amber's camera

because she has to show images in class tuesday
because she's shooting chris with film projections

on his face: "the eagle has landed" on the moon
then neil armstrong made his "one small step

for man one giant leap for mankind" performance
scientist in the most famous moment of his life

because i too have been captured by the earth
because it was declared dangerous and unlawful

to have more than 553 standing people for entire
floor area barracks poem 3 carleton st (armouries)

because my technical rider states all backline
gear suppied by artist—positions to be negotiated


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