16 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 21

because suiss guards work at the vatican
because ruth has logged off to go roller ball

hunting—red ball on a crushed red brick driveway
because an american from mass just said she uses

her car's speedometer to do currency conversion
how that works for money I wonder? oh america!

because laura came back to see herself in a poem
because she's now appearing in a second poem

because i must blog post pics of lee horus clark
building his monster pot at the fine craft festival

performance pottery with step-wheel foot-powered
and i must blog pics of liz and caine in residency

because it's an almost full moon friafternoon
because today's visitors are from germany holland

the usa israel moncton and points far beyond
because this is cusp poem of this artist residency

because i don't have to decide who i hear tonight
because sharon parker was spotted on the corner

of queen and york on her way to hear fathead at noon
outside king's place—roy meeting her there


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