10 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 3

because jazz needs more than spring water
black-bottomed clouds pass by overhead

couple from ohio cincinatti want folk
art carvings couple from england just bought

house in hartford will be here for canadian
winter brought their son over—shoulder-length

black-haired teen—has to fly back this week
to start school year my leg tightening

back of knee chance of likely rain coming
metal-tube legged table wobbling crazily

as i typewrite right correctly another poem
fingers from both hands flying over keys

liz may be on her way here to gather wool
and mason's squid of selfset modelling clay

she arrives ready to trade in her feet
for new ones—five stumbles and no sun

glasses to credit depth deception to
help me make it through the light "fire

on the mountain" low on the table beside
25 minutes to the end of today's open


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