24 September 2005

because it's over

my two-week stint as an artist-in-residence in the fredericton arts alliance casemate is over. now i can revert to the regular mess of admin paperwork, submissions, design, prooreading, housecleaning, artmaking, writing, blogging, biking, book reading, dreaming, grant writing, email purging, prepping muself to go/be in serbia in three and a half weeks and all the other crazy busy stuff in my life

big decision for me was to not go to halifax today for tomorrow's episode of the word on the street at pier 21 even though two broken jaw authors are reading there. means i don't get to see/visit my grandmother, which is frustrating, but a trip today, immediately after two-weeks in the art hole, would have been crazy exhausting! going there would have meant also being expected to attend atlantic publishers' marketing association stuff on the weekend and monday then hightailing it back to fredchicken for the start of side by side festival côte a côte starting on thursday with a reading i'm to emcee. then i'm to read for the festival in moncton on sunday afternoon (and back to fredchicken)

shirt: black TWUC
loc: thotkontrolctr
temp: 11 C
sound: Dizzy Gillespie and his Orchestra, "A Night in Tunisia", on The Bebop Revolution

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