18 September 2005

The thrills are gone

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival 2005 logo
Fredericton band Hot Toddy, by Cambridge Narrows artist Richard Flynn, on this year's poster. Joel LeBlanc of Hot Toddy says they will have a new CD available this coming week or next.

Sunday afternoon. The 2005 festival is over. Completely over, I think, unless there's still musicians performing in the final concert rain-located from Officer's Square stage to inside the Mojo Tent also in Off Square. Heard music earlier but now I've Little Feat playing.

For the first time in days a city walking tourguide in redcoat costume has entered Barracks Square with a train of tourists trailing behind him. SSI have removed their lights and sound system. The Commercial Tent crew has left and taken their tents, chairs and staging. All the toilets and hand-wash stations have been removed. Freelance redemption gleaners have come and gone with quite the haul from the temp bar garbage cans.

I've made a collection of band set lists, tickets, a volunteer pass, the NB Public Safety Notice of Occupancy and more . . . all loosely collaged behind the pipes on the casemate wall beside my table.

A buddy specializing in sign collection is in the square now. Kevin, still being big man, briefly helps to coil extension cords and quartz halogen floodlights before running off. Some Ridge Con crew, including Kirk, come to haul snowfence and rebar posts, garbage cans and bags, Dept of Supply & Services crown control fencing, to handpick garbage and the miscellaneous things scattered . . . They're still there when I lock up the casemate and leave.

Johamus and Alec resume soapstone carving and polishing (usually done with either black or white shoe polish, or with paste floor wax). Tomorrow, the site will be empty. NBCCD students & teachers will reclaim the regular red-stained picnic tables and benches. The rain-soaked, trampled, destroyed grass will try to recover.

Know I'll be asleep before tomorrow. I may even be asleep before dark . . .

shirt: Chereskin knit long-sleeve
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 16 C
sound: Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus

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