14 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 14

because i've been spun silly to distraction & despair
by the chaos of festival construction and kaleidoscopes

copper tree leaves and spinning corey frost show
out the door and on the road for handworks and please

no close encounters with moose or smaller animals
because i've turned off lights and music and coffee

"poetry and all that jazz"as kerouac wrote
need to slow down to swing and bop tonight

because seabrook says he will send musicians
my way to the casemate to interview them here

because sophie wants to get together to sit
and talk and tell stories with wine and photographs

because they made the studio committment
put first and last month's rent on silas' card

because she feels sick today kirk will come back
to be an audible artist another day taking pottery

class at craft college did term at nscad is in grad
program at unb wants printmating and an arts spread

because the seedless red grapes with me are eaten
beer tokens in pocket and an art carney cheque coming


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