19 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 33

because chris giles has left the casemate
because most of the people who remember manuals

seem to remember typewriters from the '30s
their parents' or grandparents' underwood

because it's another short day in space: three poems
and this continuation likely—not pushing

because i'd be willin' keep moving
because i'm eating seedless red grapes

because the trills have gone nicht zum verzehr
do not eat "throw away" ne pas avaler

because performing-on-a-red-metal-stool neck is stiff
because it's pre-opening hours monday morning

because i'm awaiting the cable guy (not that
cable guy but interviewer shawn) with his questions

because i so want need coffee and hot food
because i'm serious finger jumbled this morning

ref for red; sloot for stool; next for neck—all one line
because the sun and tourism smiles are back—rested

because maria arrive here in for-television turquoise
dress and chris arrives 10 am with framed photograph


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