08 September 2005

"The Canadian"

Humour. The Canadian bacon hat
"THE CANADIAN—This cold-weather cap features a helmet of fine Canadian bacon and a chin-strap of sausage links. Just as their dense flesh protects pigs through the harsh Canadian winters, this hat keeps your head warm in the coldest of climates."

Received an email request for me to add a link. I went to the site and then off that site via a link to—Hats of Meat. WARNING: this is not a site for vegans.

Had to copy and post "the Canadian" from there to here. Reminds me of Jana Sterbak's "meat dress" at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa in 1991. Hats of Meat claim they want submissions of other people's meat hat creations. That'a a pretty outhere submission call. A challenge.

T: History of Art
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temp 20
sound: Stephen Franke & Noises From the Toolroom, Songs for a Platinum Blonde Diner Waitress, "Bulgovia"

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