15 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 16

"because the night . . ." thanks patti smith & springsteen
because i found a silver hoop earring on queen street

middle of the road on a manhole cover fresh black
asphalt harvest running both sides of the iron island

because i'm back in the saddle again—poem wrangler
at your service—another overcast day scouring breaks

and dry arryos in the folded scape of my grey matter
because backstage sidewalls defrienly barracks square

sugarcube giganticus lump dropped between builts
on the plot of compound land—snowfence erection

gradually fencing us in and fencing tourists locals
and other interested parties persons peole out

because ted has arrived early after waking at 4 am
after a firszt ballroom dancing lesson with heather

and after watching 17-year-old calgarian melissa
declared this year's canadian idol—he didn't sleep

so he packed the car hit the highway and drove
five hours to here including a break and traffic

because humidity that was making cobwebby air
has started condensing and falling out


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