15 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 17

because amber has scored a band soundcheck schedule
because the spider has come back (twice) to web-build

in the open doorway to catch an artist patron or
blues musician—corey transports it on a thread

to windowsill geranium plant—red dried blossoms
no wind through the window—seeds caught in old web

because the treasurer hasn't been in the office yet
hasn't signed our art carney cheques for labour

day weekend and it's a week and a half since
because the copper leaves get stems fused today

will become a vine this afternoon or tomorrow
because i've become hungry for chicken brocolli

and stuff casserol and should step out of this poem
performance to scuttle home long enough to heat & eat

because it's too wet for johanus to be sitting
on the grass working soapstone so he's relocated

to the boardwalk under the balconies and with will
and alec is tackling a box of fresh donuts-to-go

because the ringing sound of this manual typewriter
is being heard in brick-walled craft college rooms


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