01 September 2005

because i should

because I should sleep now
because the dishes need washing again
because four days of rain has finally stopped
because katrina has moved away
because i still got too much sun this afternoon
because yesterday's red wine is done
because cold beer is at hand
because of everyone not here
because today felt like a friday
because i was chosen enforcer on street kids in off square
because it's time to move along
because the park is closed for crafts festival setup
because the province can do whatever it feels appropriate
because renting the square to the nb crafts council is a good thing
because office roscoe will gladly take this to the next level
because you can't hang here this weekend
because i'm an art carney
because at least one tall person should be in every crew
because it's a faster unload with helpers
because i can carry a long-8 table in the crook of my right arm
because tucker's clay pugs weigh 20 kilos
because i'd been a bs hotel part-time convention houseman
because we erected snowfence on september first
because the hummus didn't arrive with the takeout order for elvis
because heavily-worn sneakers on the sidewalk could be remains of an alien abduction
because i'm not a broken one from a d&d book
because it's going to be a weekend of long tiring days
because my artment parking space is filled with discard: 6-drawer bureau slidy-rocking chair kitchen unit—microwave stand
because i need to wear a hat for the next three days
because tomorrow i add gate roadie talent wrangler stage manager
because I want to blog wireless "live from off square . . ."
because i'm an artist
because good work is good work
because we'll be wearing "volunteer" shirts to confuse
because i'm not the only literary labourer onsite
because i need to drink so much water

T: "New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op, 15 years of fillmaking, 1979-1994"
loc: fredcarnielodge
temP: 19 C
sound: Soul Coughing, El oso


Kellie said...

Officer Jose, art carny enforcer, an interesting twist. Don't work too hard.

Dj Violet I said...

Would write something if I could stop laughing about this poem and the tale of truth

Liz said...


Broken Joe said...

because people need to laugh more