27 September 2005

I committed a chapbook

I committed a chapbook today. Nothing like a looming deadline to get one's act together. A performance. Thursday.

I'm to emcee a reading at the finally, after long-sufferin', open Charlotte Street Centre in Frederiction. In the former school eventually acquired by Fredericton Arts & Learning and renovated in large part with the engineers and crew out of CFB Gagetown. Building was originally designed by buddy who build the New Brunswick Legislature Building. In fact, the former school is a more modest brick echo of the Legislature. It's evident in the proportionally smaller features such as the entrance and windows. Anyway, I've not even been in the building since it's restoration, and I'm to emcee an event there:

3e édition, 2005 / 3rd edition, 2005

le jeudi 29 septembre 2005
Thursday, September 29, 2005

15h - 17h / 3-5 pm
Charlotte Street Arts Centre
Centre d’arts de la rue Charlotte
732, rue Charlotte Street, Fredericton

MC Joe Blades
Jo-Anne Elder
Robert Hawkes
Hugh Hazelton
Jonathan Kaplansky
Pauline Michel
Nela Rio
Tony Steele
Serge Patrice Thibodeau

cover of Is That You, Vincent?The chapbook committed is titled Is that you, Vincent?. It's a translation from the French of chapter one of Pauline Michel’s novel Les yeux d’eau. The translation of the full novel will be published in 2006 by Broken Jaw Press under the title Fragments of Memory. Both the author, who is Canada's current Poet Laureate, and the translator, Jonathan Kaplansky, will be here for the festival.

This afternoon I got covers and insides digitally printed. Tonight, I will staple and fold Is That You, Vincent?. That's one of my photos on the cover—a late December sunset over Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia. The chapbook is published by the [as if I have any] SpareTime Editions imprint of Broken Jaw Press.

I found out that I'm also to read in Moncton—Joe on the road (again)—in this festival:

le dimanche 2 octobre / Sunday, Oct. 2
13h - 15h / 1-3 pm
62, rue Curry Street
Moncton (NB)
Lectures multilingues et cercle de partage
Multilingual readings and Sharing Circle
Joe Blades
Rose Després
Robert Dickson
Jo-Anne Elder
Hugh Hazelton
Dyane Léger
Pauline Michel
Nela Rrio
Hélène Rrioux
Serge Patrice Thibodeau
Lola Lemire Tostevin
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