17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 26

because i've black forest chocolate strudle
from the market with thanks from mary ann

because a a i am not joe
because there is no way for you to know

ophelia not so bad as a katrina
never met a katrina i liked

because she stole my chips in grade one
because we might finish this poem . . . because it's so fun!

because friend can mean a lot of different things
it's a new thing

hellow kitty says boo but who is scared?
terain makes the kitty restless must leave

glamour puss will play the kitty is gone
boo ghost girl

we scary monkey face nb guys—
because india just got out of control

because we are back to takeover
joe says we have 2 more lines

because this jazz festival rocks my mind
if i must end in time this must be the last line


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