17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 23

because the woman who read my wall of csemate poems
has returned to read my reprise in the same wall

because she's taking an afterimage / naknadna slika
because no i'm not a festival volunteer—i'm media

because check check one two check one check two
because tonight i wander streets busy or barricaded

wander from stage to tent to market to tent to square tent
out and around again—samba rumba mambo slow blues

because it's friday night in a hooped-up small city
because nathan is community working the evention tent

because cake's "i will survive" is a wicked cover
and it's a between bands song playing on the system

because i've got to keep rollin' through the night
because today is another week and "oh canada"

by sea cadet marching band starts the case
because they're practicing for something—big drums

back behind craft college in the armoury parking lot
because ted has hit the road into the swirling

arms of ophelia—both crossing nova scotia's spine
—an evening date to walk/watch prospect storm surge


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