12 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 8

because typing sounds like it’s underwater
and i just gave myself an italian papercut

a manmade hangnail on middle finger
because idle jack sounds like a chainsaw

because steph is looking for caine so that they
can visit ruth about renting the studio space

comedy dance of artists—silas circling too
because they finally all meet up—smiling happy

because tent sidepoles are up and the wind
billows the mostly on the ground canvas

because perfection is paving recap on city streets
and wilmot alley fresh black for the blues bus

because green tarps are not white sidewalls
and the crew is slow to raise the centre poles

because noel of the telegraph-journal wants me
typing on manual for possible photo for tomorrow’s paper

because this becomes a crazy thing sometimes my
fingers trip-stumble during peck-on-demand

poetry writing performance ragtime jazz number
snow in the afternoon of black coffee wire chill


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