11 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 6

because this seems to be how i keep going
because i biked to hartt island and back

because i pulled the hand-truck home tied
to the bike rack with a wrapped bungee cord

because naomi wants me to make her a book
because she has drawn a friend in my journal

because art barter is a good trade
because next time she comes here i will sew

simple signature book together red cover
over torn ragged-edged grey paper pages

because she's now in grade one and counting
the days until her next birthday

because i don't need safety goggles to write
because fresh geen & yellow beans are finger

food and this stool has insufficient back
or form to be good for my back's posture

because the light is diming in the casemate
sharp shadows gone soft-edged sky clouding

over our first residency sunday winds down
"my highland radio radio" diary uploads


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