20 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 37

because i've done 10 days in the hole
because i've four more to go—endure

because i'm so battered i want silence
because that would mean no more manual typewriter

because i feel drained bood-let leached (yes
they're back in physicians' medical treatments)

because toggled denim jacket feels almost strait
because lawn surgeons have arrived to cut and sod

because perfect alignment between walkway and ramp
is more than aesthetically pleasing—it orientates

because it's tuesday time for ashes paper & beans
because i need vegetables not more cracked eggs

because chris won't be here until 1 pm
because eyes blurr looking at idle keys

because i hope it's early onset something
because anything might be a good enough excuse

becuse jewellery studio warehouse door is open
because mister inukshuk carver just ran by

because the disc was successfully recorded at 16x!
because this is today's first line 20


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