10 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 2

because i've written the first poem by 10:50 am
i now want to try the laptop for a wireless signal

it works i can blog and email from within
this artist residency casemate two ways to write

side by side could even try typing one hand
on each device and see just how bad i could write

the potential to make so many mistakes beyond
typos my hands not independent like playing

two pianos simultaneously (not that i do)
but there might still be fun in trying

liz's needle-felted head and shoulders and chest
ethereal wool trailings off for appendages

out of the "science wars"—a loaner book
to be returned when possible after the return

of maja and vlad from montréal mathematics
and the roots of postmoddern thought
by tasić

the man from ontario did four years in wwii
now he takes a good digital camera photograph

bus tourguide doen't want his picture taken
but he will be part of the senior's trip memories


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