03 September 2005

Earrings by request

End the Joke earrings by Joe Blades (1988)"End the Joke" earrings by Joe Blades (1988).

By request, after seeing my "End the Joke ..." T-shirt the other day, I found the contact-prints-on-foamcore pair of earrings that I'd made. The image was a stencil grafitti photographed somewhere in downtown New York City, Tribeca to the Village area, during my autumn 1987 curatorial internship @ The New Museum of Contemporary Art on Broadway. I made the T-shirt by cutting the stencil for a photo enlargement I made in the darkroom, then screen printing the shirts. The earring are a play on the film strip making the image look like a US postage stamp with the value of Ø or zero: loosely meaning "US nonesense." The earrings have sat for years in binder labeled "some of joe's silly 2-D art stuff" on a shelf at M•A•P•Productions. Now, I'll have to see if they're whar the outgoing pres wants and if she'll actually wear them to the annual general meeting.

Yesterday, working the craft festival, I got sunburn on part of the back of my neck. I feel dry, yet I drank so much water. Even more sun bloc, reperatedly through the day, will be in order. Must hit Samosa Delight @ the Farmer's Market before I go to Off Sq this morning. Have to be there for 9 am. The only food available onsite yesterday was Samba Brazil pizza. Great pizza but even multiple cream cheese-filled crust slices are not enough to get one through nine hours of craft fair work. Today they will be bringing more food prep stuff, and want more electricity.

Need more drinking water. Need barrel-, 45-gal drum-sized garbage bags. Need a bus tour or two to stop at the craft fest. Need protein. Must go to the market now for a schnitzel and a half-dozen samosas.

T: NBCC [hand} "volunteer"
loc: art carnie recovery room
temp: 15 C
sound: Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars


Unknown said...

Awesome earrings! Very cool.

Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Joe, I want a pair and I want the T-shirt too. Name your price.