20 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 39

because the good fathers didn't want soldiers
meeting or taking advantage of their good daughters

because it's all such an empty crock—honeypot
or rationed grog—all men and women are animals

because the soldiers got so bloody cold in winter
they attacked the fence for its wood—anything

burnable to try and warm themselves—building
above burnt and rebuilt several times

because a pink paper arrow was on black cast iron
fence outside the compound this morning pointing

at nothing in particular obvious significant
or even mildly curious but itself being there

because sometimes that can be quite enough
because i slept last night: six and a half

hours unbroken plus more before starting today
because eight-hour sleep nights seem unrealistic

because some days the dragon wins
because i cannot be author reading audience

the same time late friafternoon that i get
paid for being in residence and do load out


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