22 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 44

because tomorrow or friday is the return of amber
—another artists in their studios photoshoot

because ancient motel landscape is in monkeyton
today it will be delivered to broken jaw tomorrow

because the crouching cat has a bird in its mouth
because i've been worrying this poem into nothing

because today is the last day of summer 2005
because an elm tree in front of the nb sports

hall of fame is being mercy killed this morning
by the city of fredericton's crew of slow men

because today is one of cancer's most favourable
september days—important new project coming

time to strengthen their roots and homebase
and a party or fateful pizza delivery could spell

because a stack of postcards from ex-lovers
awaits pick-up by the author's current longterm

because there's a chili and/or pasta party
moving from first-raindrops-picnic-table

to balcony-covered barracks building boardwalk
because several dark suits are hovering about


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