22 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 48

because less broken jaw might be good
because i can't be bought with books

because our residency is known beyond here
on the marsh and in the nation's capitol

because we've been on tv and in the papers
because i had to move the film projector inside

because i didn't do painting at nscad
because it's quarter after four again

because chris has gone on an equipment run
to nb filmmakers' co-op on charlotte street

because saturday is the final day for most
casemate occupants—their tourist season done

because marilyn mazerolle will arrive tomorrow
before 5 pm to install her paintings and herself

because she works the farmers' market saturday
because another spider hangs from brick ceiling

because there's word mangling afoot
because i may be selling space stations

because that's better than recovering space junk
because i'm not playing like/dislike games


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