18 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 31

because i'm taking it a poem at a time
because it's all teardown in barracks square

big rain drops one more encore want more . . .?
because sunday free concert is in the mojo

because visitors were in my space before
doors were open easel or spool table outside

because i'm in a green rocking chair sipping coffee
because i found a hot pink beer token at the tap

because whitefeather thought it a gold ink logo
condom—a harvest play safe in clear wrapper

because someone's playlist is on a guitar boomers box
because gatorgrit 1500-b waterproof sandpaper is

because i'm finding soapstone widow and orphan
scraps from johanus' carvings to let people know

i am here
inukshuks scattered in gravel and grass
under young oak trees—can make my own marker

stone word atop stone word—poem person standing
on headland heartland homeland—orange & black fragile

because junior brown helps me drive this sunday
while so many others teardown i thrum my digits


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