17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 29

because i write so much more live interactive
than solo in my studio artist garret hovel cave

because vendors can people this tent's guest list
because today is another of sophie's birthdays

because i've been asked if i'd make haggis for 20
for a celtic café fundraiser: do i get comped?

because this is sarah's last day at the taproom
because 9•1•1 sent emergency response truck

and ambulance to barracks square—young man down
stroke or something—on the grass stretchered

and wheeled away to hospital with the blues inside
because i caught minglewood for "east coast blues"

because this is the seventh casemate poem today
because dry-town dry-side of tent is wrong side

for my art—must travel thru wet to the bar
because I'm wearing a sugarloaf fleece vest

because matt on gate security borrowed my umbrella
these past 20 minutes of ongoing big drop rain

because his dancing was entertainment backstage
because excellent big alice ain't no dallas alice


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