14 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 13

because i'm writing 13th reprise poem on the 13th
because haggis machaggis is needlefelting a dragon

because it's time to get going—the radio show beckons
because it's an overcast morning in the river valley

because corey's sawing away on sheet copper
behind me making leaves for shadowbox tables

because beer bought in advance is cheaper
than beer bought in harvest jaws of booze tents

because the pope's kaleeidoscope and 11 cardinal scopes
are finally made and ready for delivery in saint john

because there were rcmp roadblocks on the trans-can
highway between king's landing and fredericton

because "my name is ________" "je m'appelle __________"
because "i live in ________" "i am from ___________"

because "my arts practice is/includes _____________"
because "i work on my art ____ hours a week"

because the last statement is "i would like __________"
because marantz mic and stand are ready to record

because soon as the barracks tent stage is level
sound boys arrive with a truckload of hard cases


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