22 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 45

because an alien screams munch from my lapdog
because mustard-bruise colour rings my eyes

because our showers are no hurricane rita
because nature is tougher than family atomics

because no one should play with uranium
because stone walls are chilling the air

because claire makes like a pigeon for french fries
because ____ dissapears into the darkroom again

because i'm left alone in cold space
because burning fingers will not warm me

because the fleece wore was plastic bottles
because the rectangle needs eight more poems

because i sold a handled book bag book
because i eat yellow wax beans and grapes

because there's a crow feather in the geranium
because chris is working on his ripples film

because he has some footage now but needs
more to construct a 300-foot (21-minute) loop

because credit card and énergie nb bills came
because the american biographical institute wants


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