20 September 2005

Mayor's Business Breakfast


I will try to be there. It would be better than nice if your Mayor's Business Breakfast letters and media releases also mentioned the musician performing (presuming there still are musicians performing at these events) and the Fredericton Arts Alliance arranged component (artist/painter Caine Harris on 21 Sept, I believe). This would give fair coverage to the musician and arts contibution and role in the Mayor's Business Breakfast and might help attact people such as myself (all about the arts) to your event.


Joe Blades
Broken Jaw Press

Good Morning, Everyone!

In addition to this reminder, I am pleased to inform you that we have two (2) door prizes for next week's Mayor's Business Breakfast:
* Two tickets to any place Delta flies in the United States, Mexico and Caribbean (valid 'til year end) compliments of Delta Airlines.
* Two tickets to ABTC's Amadeus on September 30th compliments of The Playhouse.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

Laurie Guthrie Hayes
Promotions Officer - Team Fredericton

Mayor's Business Breakfast
WEDNESDAY, September 21st, 2005
7:30-8:30 a.m., Council Chamber, City Hall

Keynote Address:
David Innes
President & CEO of the Fredericton Airport

"Fredericton's place in the North American Airline Industry"

Attend this breakfast to hear David speak about the state of the airline industry in general, and the changes it is undergoing. In terms of the Fredericton Airport, he will talk about what has been accomplished to date; what remains to be done; and his vision for the future.

The Mayor's Business Breakfast is an initiative designed to foster stronger relations between various levels of government, the universities and the business community. It's a prime opportunity to:
. . . Network with community business leaders and government officials.
. . . Gain exposure to Fredericton's arts and cultural community by enjoying the talent of local artists.
. . . Acquire knowledge about major issues and events affecting the community with the keynote address.
. . . Learn about upcoming events.

(*by Friday, Sept. 16th)
For more information, contact Team Fredericton at: 460-2960
(*There is no charge to attend)

Number of Attendees:

Presented by:
City of Fredericton
Team Fredericton
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
Enterprise Fredericton

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