17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 27

because heavy rains threaten the show
—too much water backstage in the electrical

because the fest crew was freakish looking
for a shovel—ditches to dig as they didn't plan

didn't know that ophelia and other rain was coming
because they were almost shorting out—but shovel

was found—better than plywood scraps
a city hall this way sign pushing water

because i'm so wired by the rush of people
jam-packed case of arty dults and littles

who took over the last poem while i was typing
poem 25 into brokenjow.blogspot.com for the world

because i have to keep writing in heavy rain
keep making poetry or story in verse lines

or whatever it is that this performance produces
but i'm speed writing-typing like never before

because this is the wild good thing even if i miss
redeye mojo we've got glamour puss coming soon

because it's all i can do to write myself out
poem after poem—staple them to the wall


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