23 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 51

because i'm docu-actor in available light time
because i see sunlight & shadows outside

because i'm hearing my bicycle call me
because camera rolls and the music's stopped

but i keep writing typing my way through
because i've an itchy eyebrow i can't scratch

because i want food coffee anything warm
because my feet must leave this cement floor

because i am a wooden keg of damp gunpowder
because i am musketballs and rusty cannon

because i sliding sideways off the metal stool
graciously loaned by brigid toole-grant to use

all artist-in-residency season with a clay bucket
because it's all loaner in here from someone

because i'm almost done another art piece
because it's almost time to smear grass and dirt

because i committed a false ending but caught it
because this is it—crack my fingers and toes


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