19 September 2005

Appearing on First Local

Rogers TV logoThe interview's raw footage is shot. Shawn DeLong, Producer, says that if the edit happens fast enough it may even be on tomorrow's edition [20 sept 2005] of First Local. That this now twice "weekly news magazine . . . delivers an in-depth look at the events, issues, and people shaping the capital region." Show episodes get heavy rotation.

Guess that I should find and ask someone to record a VHS copy for me to see: me without cable; without Rogers anything (not cable, not magazine prescriptions, without cell or hi-speed . . .); me with only ATV/CTV and Global received by rabbit ears antennae; with only the thinnest hint of dancing coloured worms on screen where either CBC channel should be (but I live on the downtown flat/plat in the shadow of the hill that CBC broadcasts from and beyond).

Shawn says the piece will likely start with me: answering questions, typing, and reading some or all of "casemate poem (reprise) 3." Chris asked to working his guitar, hand-powered super-8 editor, 16mm projector for sound and action.

First Local program logoFirst Local—Fredericton
airs Tuesday—5:00 PM, 6 PM
Friday—5:00 PM, 6 PM

(possibly more times . . .)

T-shirt: plain black (BOCA, second)
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